538 – The Tet Offensive and the 13 Hours Movie


538cJan. 30 marks the 48th anniversary of the start of the Tet Offensive in the Vietnam War. That date and the event are remembered in an article found in DoDLive titled: Highlighting History: How ‘Tet’ Began the End of Vietnam by Katie Lange of the DoD News, Defense Media Activity. Katie’s article is featured in this podcast episode along with the movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.

After taking in the movie, my mind took me back 48 years to the Tet Offensive in Vietnam. I was there smack dab in the middle of the event. I had a chance to see it close up and personal and it was a terrible thing for that poor country of South Vietnam to endure. It was a last ditch effort by Ho Chi Minh to run the Americans out of the country and take it over. It was a well coordinated attack that quickly turned into a colossal defeat for the North yet to hear the media and our government talk about it we suffered a big defeat rather than the North Vietnamese. I scratched my head then and I am still scratching trying to figure how we could take a tremendous victory over the dark forces of North Vietnam and turn it in to a big time defeat for the US.

If the events portrayed in the movie 13 Hours are anywhere near the truth, our government has done it again. What happened at Ben Ghazi was a flat out war. It was not a demonstration by a few Libyans upset about a Youtube video. It was an all our military assault on Americans and to call it anything else is just as deplorably wrong as calling the Tet Offensive a tremendous loss for the Americans in Vietnam.

Many believe the president was downplaying the events in Ben Ghazi so as to enhance his reelection chances. It is a sad day for this country when heroic Americas are denied recognition for their brave deeds. Isn’t it time for our leaders to start telling the truth to the American people.

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