981 – Hmong farmers in Missouri showing the way

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Lucy Moua prepares for the farmers market by checking her farm’s produce this month in Newton County. As a young woman, Moua stayed in a refugee camp in Thailand after escaping from Laos during the Vietnam War. Moua and her family have adapted to American culture but still keep aspect of their Hmong culture.

Episode 981 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will be about a special group of people who were swooped up in the turmoil and mayhem created by the Vietnam War and then dropped. The group in question is the Hmong people. They lived peacefully in the mountainous regions of southern China, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. That changed when the Communists moved in and proceeded to change their tranquil lifestyle on small family farms.

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Hmong girls in Thailand today.

The Hmong were opposed to the Communists and chose to ally themselves with the Americans in the effort to keep the socialist forces out. They proved to be excellent guerilla fighters and positive allies for the Americans. Unfortunately for them, the dark forces prevailed and when it was over the Americans abandoned the Hmong to the cruel consequences of those who fought against the Communists.

The Hmong people suffered and still do to this day at the hands of the Communists who continue to apply retribution to their former enemies. Many of the Hmong were able to escape the cruelty of their new Communist rulers by making their way to Thailand. From there many were able to come to the United States where they have continued to show their worth to the world.

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Fue Yang picks fresh turnips from a high tunnel in late July at the Yang Family Farm Year-Round Growing Education Center outside of Rocky Comfort, Missouri. Yang farms at an educational property geared toward helping the Hmong community adapt to farming in Missouri. Provided by Whitney Matewe

There was a story about a group of Hmong People who have made their way to Southwest Missouri and have become productive small farmers. It came from The Columbia Missourian website titled: Traditional Hmong farmers in Missouri embrace new techniques. The story was provided by Anna Brett. It spotlighted one of the Hmong, Fue Yang, who was born in a refugee camp in Thailand. His family immigrated to the United States in 1980 when Yang was a month old.

Today, Yang farms on 43 acres in southwestern Missouri, just north of the Arkansas state line in McDonald County. He is doing amazing things that are not only helping his family but also the rest of the Hmong community and other small farmers in the area.

Discover the wonderful things this admirable immigrant had done so far and what he is on track to do in the future. Get more about it in episode 981.


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