555 VVN – Aviation Museum of Kentucky adds Vietnam Cobra Gunship

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Cobra Gunship – Newest addition to the Aviation Museum of Kentucky, Blue Grass Airport, in Lexington

The Aviation Museum of Kentucky in Lexington has added to its collection one of the most iconic aircraft of the helicopter war in Vietnam. It is a Bell Helicopter model AH-1G Cobra gunship that saw service in Vietnam. The development at the Aviation Museum was announced by story titled: New helicopter exhibit at Aviation Museum from WTVQ Web Desk 2 from ABC Channel 36 “ Your Neighbors, Your news.”

David Riggins, COO of the aviation museum announced the addition of the Cobra to the museum as he stated “there is an AH-1 is in the museum collection, with combat service over Vietnam. Our guests can gain a true appreciation of this aircraft and how impressive it is.”

The Cobra Gunship was the first helicopter built specifically to serve as a weapons delivery system that could provide close and effective fire support to the UH-1 Hueys. They accomplished that stated purpose in an outstanding manner.

The writer of this piece had the privilege of flying one of those magnificent aircraft with the 101st Airborne Division in the I Corps of Vietnam from1970 to 1971. He fired over 12,000 World War II vintage 2.75 inch, folding fin aerial rockets during his year in Vietnam and found the aircraft to be extremely efficient in accomplishing its mission of dispatching enemy forces in combat. He offers his congratulations to the men and women at Bell Helicopters at Fort Worth, Texas for designing and building such an outstanding aircraft.

All are encouraged to go and see this exciting and powerful aircraft. The Aviation Museum of Kentucky is a partner in the United States Commemoration of the Vietnam War, a national observance. The location is 4029 Airport Road, adjacent to Blue Grass Airport in Lexington. It is the official aviation museum of the Commonwealth as well as home to the Kentucky Aviation Hall of Fame, and operates as a non-profit corporation. For more information, visit www.aviationky.org, or call 859-231-1219.


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