566 – New day dawning for appreciation of Vietnam Veterans in Boerne, Texas and the TPP

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During a regular meeting Monday, the Kendall County Commissioners Court proclaimed March 29 as Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day in the county. The George W. Kendall chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution was also there to honor area Vietnam War veterans with a commemorative lapel pin. From left are, front, DAR member Janice Brazil, whose father MSgt. Charles Earnest Hosking, Jr. died during his third tour to Vietnam; Lynda Hester, whose husband Samuel Cornelius died in the Vietnam War; and DAR member Betty Burton; back, Vietnam War Veteran and Kendall County Attorney Don Allee, DAR member Carol Westermeier, Kendall County Judge Darrel Lux, and Vietnam Veterans Jim Westermeier, Tom Reardon, Ed Sypniewski, Yana Domert, Kenneth Rusch, Bob Easterling and Nick Watson.

In this episode I will share two stories that back up Bob Dylan when he stated “the times are a changin.” The first story comes from the Boerne Star in Texas titled: Commissioners honor Vietnam War veterans submitted by Carline Schwartz, News Editor for the paper and the other comes from The Diplomat titled: Why Vietnam Loves the Trans-Pacific Partnership submitted by Dien Luong.

The first story from the Boerne Star exemplifies the changing attitude across America of a new appreciation for the great Vietnam Veteran Generation. The Boerne County Commissioners proclaimed March 29 as Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day in the county and the DAR chapter presented area Vietnam War veterans with a commemorative lapel pin. This podcast issues a sincere appreciation to those commissioners for that act of appreciation of Vietnam Veterans. 677 residents of Boerne County served in the Vietnam War.

A TPP ministerial meeting in 2014., vietnam veteran news, mack payne

A TPP ministerial meeting in 2014.

The other story from the Diplomat talks about the soon to be enacted the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP. It talks about the Vietnamese people coming down with something called Americano-philia. That means they have a strong liking for everything American. Thoughts of the things the TPP will bring them are making them giddy. They are expecting a tsunami of American capital coming into their country that will pump up their economy. The Vietnamese are salivating at the possibility of flooding the vast US market with cheap apparel, footwear and textile products without having to deal with all those pesky tariffs and such. The problem with that scenario is that more American jobs will go overseas and more American factories will close down and create eyesores. On the other hand the Americans who still have jobs will be able to buy the cheaper products flooding in from our former adversary in Southeast Asia.

Those are two examples of developments proving Bob Dylan to be an accurate soothsayer – The times, they are a changin.

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