571 – Janna Hoehn Charges Across Texas Chasing Vietnam Vet Photos

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Janna Hoehn with a few of her photos of fallen Vietnam Veterans

In this episode an amazing lady from Hawaii will tell us about a tremendous project she has taken on that will help honor those who gave their lives for their country in Vietnam. She is Janna Hoehn and she has been on this podcast before to tell about all the work she is doing on behalf of The Education Center at The Wall. That is a soon to be built Vietnam Veteran memorial facility that will be located on the National Mall, across the street from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. In this episode she will be giving us an update on her mission of finding photos.

The Education Center at The Wall is an offshoot of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. Over the years visitors to the wall would leave objects that had personal connections to the names for the visitors. The Parks Service has saved most of those objects and it was decided to put them on display in a memorial facility. That facility became known as the Education Center. It was also resolved to seek a picture of every person listed on the wall as dying in Vietnam.

That resolution has engendered one of the key features of the Education Center at The Wall will be an image of every name on the Wall. That for your information is almost 59,000 images. Finding all 58,000 plus photos is no small task so in came tremendous individuals like Janna Hoehn who have taken up the task of finding a picture for every name on the Wall.

Janna Hoehn has personally found over 2,500 photos beginning in her home state of Hawaii. She completed the task in that state and has moved on to search out pictures in states west of the Mississippi River. So far she has closed out eight states and is working hard on the mammoth State of Texas. She needs help in the Dallas and Houston area.

If you know of a person from either of those metropolitan areas who died in Vietnam you can determine if a photo of that person is in the collection by going to Education Center website. CLICK HERE. If there is no picture of the fallen hero on the site and you know of information where one could be obtained please contact Jana Hoehn at neverforgotten2014@gmail.com.

Janna has spent years searching for missing photos and has compiled a list of tips and secrets to finding missing photos of fallen heroes of Vietnam. If you would like to become an official photo finder she would be happy to share her secrets of success in finding missing photos. Just send her an email request at neverforgotten2014@gmail .com and she will send you her information at no cost.

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