583 – A Canadian Vietnam Vet Story

Tom Sweetnam, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Tom Sweetnam, 1970, Vietnam (Courtesy Mike Sweetnam)

When we talk about Vietnam Veterans we must never overlook the contributions made by 20,000 Canadians who came down to the USA and joined the fight against the hijacked civil war in Vietnam. Vietnam was garden variety civil war that got all tangled up in the titanic struggle against the insidious peril of world domination by the communists. While draft dodging cowards from the US ran off to Canada many brave Canadians passed them by as they came here to join the crusade of freedom loving people to help snuff out the threat.

In this episode the story of a brave Canadian, Thomas George Sweetnam is featured. His life and wartime bravery was described in a story from the National Post of Canada titled: The last days of a decorated Canadian vet, The ghosts of Vietnam. It was submitted by Joe O’Connor, email:joconnor@nationalpost.com. O’Connor tells about Sweetnam’s formative years in Alberta, Canada. He tells about how Sweetnam and a friend ended up on a trip that led him to Washington State and a happenstance meeting with the driver of an Army bus.

The bus driver talked to the pair about Vietnam and the American military and they was hooked. They decided to join the US Army and Sweetnam ended up as a Green Beret and later a member of a LRRP (long range reconnaissance  patrol) unit with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam.

Tom Sweetnam, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Tom Sweetnam, 2000. (Courtesy Mike Sweetnam)

The Story begins with a description of Sweetnam’s recent death in Monte Vista, Colorado. He died along in a humble house trailer on the outskirts of town. It was a sad end for a brave Vietnam Veteran. In Vietnam he was exposed to much nerve shattering LRRP operations. The incident that caused him the most difficult  challenges was an operation in the Roung Roung Valley where his helicopter was shot down and four of the personnel on board were killed and he was seriously wounded. He never seemed to get over the horror of that day in Vietnam almost 50 years ago.

His story will rip emotions. Please listen the life saga of Thomas George Sweetnam on the podcast.


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  1. Good job with this story. Communicated with Hobbit on army ranger.com. I lived in Monte Vista, CO the first 10 years of my life.

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