612 – Film Maker David Grabias Delivers Sober message with Hmong Film

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Hmong veterans of the Secret War in Laos attending General Vang Pao’s funeral in Fresno, California, in 2011. Courtesy of Artifact Studios

In previous episodes of this podcast local allies of the Americans in the Vietnam War have been featured. They include the Montagnards in Vietnam and the Hmong People of Laos. Both these regional groups were faithful and effective allies for the Americans in their fight against the communist forces attempting to take over the country and make it into their vision of a collective workers paradise. They had no interest in the bill of goods the communists were trying to strong arm sell to them. Unfortunately when we departed from Vietnam after the signing of the Paris Peace Accords in 1973 those faithful allies were abandoned to face a harsh future communist brutality on their own. The fate of loyal allies in wars is something that must be carefully considered when contemplating war.

David Grabias, vietnam veteran news. mack payne

David Grabias

A story from NBC News titled: War Wounds Resurfaced in ‘Operation Popcorn,’ Documentary on Hmong Arrests by Sahra Vang Nguyen highlights this point. Operation popcorn is a docu-drama produced by David Grabias about the 2007 arrest of 10 Hmong-American leaders and a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel. It details what Hmong operatives living in California were trying to do to help their fellow countrymen back home in Laos.

The movie producer Grabias said this about the  situation with refugees “The U.S. government has a history of going in and getting involved in regional conflict with surrogate allies. You can look at Afghanistan and Iraq in more recent history. What is our relationship with them during the conflict, and more importantly, our relationship with them after the conflict is over?”

He also said this “You can have a discussion about refugee issues and about who these communities are, what debt we owe them, what their place and role in America can be, in a way that’s a little less sensationalized. We can really get a sense of how these issues have played out over the last two decades.”

The movie, Pop Corn, will be making its national broadcast debut May 17 on the WORLD channel. CLICK HERE for more details.

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Hmong women in traditional dress attending General Vang Pao’s funeral in Fresno California in 2011. Courtesy of Artifact Studios

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