616- Vietnam arms embargo lifted and a little history

President Obama lifts five- decades-long arms embargo, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

President Obama and his Vietnamese counterpart, Tran Dai Quang shake hands over the lifting of the five- decades-long arms embargo on Vietnam

Big news! President Obama announced in Hanoi today that the US will be lifting its embargo on the sale of lethal military equipment to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Isn’t that a relief? The writer has been so worried about that pesky embargo that prevented the “mighty mouse” of Southeast Asia from purchasing the latest in armaments from the US. Especially since the expansionist giant from the north, China has been pushing its weight around lately. It seems China must be looking for a little lebensraum in the South China Sea by claiming ownership of the Spratley and Paracel Islands. The problem is that several countries in the area also claim the disputed specks in the sea.

The actions taken by China is causing concern by all in the region. They are afraid the gentle giant of the north will usurp not only the islands and their dredged up airfields and naval bases but also the rich fishing grounds and large petroleum deposits in the internationally recognized 200 mile space around land masses no matter how small. The neighbors also fear the Chinese could disrupt the flow of commercial shipping in the South China Sea if they controlled the islands.

The emerging dark clouds on the horizon have caused the US to stop its bellyaching about human rights violations in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam of open the gate for them to purchase all the weapons they want with all the money they will be raking in from the auspices of membership in the TPP.

The writer finds interesting the remarks made by President Obama in Hanoi during the announcement of the lifting of the embargo. He stated that the reason for the action was to correct mistakes made in the past and not because of the threat of Chinese expansionism. This is coming from the same person who stated numerous times “you can keep you same doctor under Obama Care.”

There were two articles featured in this episode. One from The Week website titled: US lifts decades-long Vietnam arms embargo and the other from CNN Politics tilted: How the United States and Vietnam have become unlikely friends submitted by Nathan Thompson.

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