619- Hometown Heroes project in the heartland

Hometown Heroes, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Long Tree 7th graders stand in front of the Capitol during a trip to Des Moines on May 6th.

Sometimes Vietnam Veterans wonder if anyone remembers or appreciates our service to our country in that God forsaken convoluted county fair they called a war. Especially after how so many of us were verbally, physically and spiritually abused when we came home. In this episode of this podcast we will learn that in one place out in the heartland of this great country the memory of Vietnam Veterans and their courageous deeds done for the country are being remembered. A story from The Lone Tree Reporter titled: 7th Graders Visit Iowa Vietnam Wall submitted by Tom Dickey tells the story of what one group of students are doing to honor the memory of Vietnam Veterans.

Tom Dickey, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Tom Dickey, Lone Tree Community School teacher.

Tom Dickey is currently in his twenty-eighth season of teaching at Lone Tree Community School. He’s currently the 6th and 7th grade Social Studies teacher, junior-high football coach, head girls softball coach, football and track announcer, and the transportation director. In his article in the Lone Tree Reporter he tells about the Hometown Heroes project his class has been conducting during the school year. The main objective of the project was to find resources that could give the student a good military picture of the local Vietnam veteran. The students were able to pursue 100 Vietnam Veteran contacts and through those contacts successfully obtained valuable information about 20 veterans.

Because of the outstanding work done by the students they were invited to the annual Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day on Capitol Hill in Des Moines. The students represented Lone Tree School with the highest character and respect and the way they conducted themselves was a credit to the whole Lone Tree community.

The class was recognized during the ceremony for their efforts by Dan Gannon the president of the Vietnam Veterans Association in the state of Iowa. It is a pleasure to feature the patriotic work done by this group of students from Lone Tree, Iowa.

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