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Jim Maher

The purpose of this podcast episode is to celebrate another book published by a Vietnam Veteran. Jim Maher is the writer and his new book is titled: All Would Be Heroes. The book launch is described in a story from The Parsons Sun titled: Maher hopes to raise awareness for Vietnam vets with latest book by Colleen Williamson cwilliamson@parsonssun.com. Maher spent time in Vietnam behind a desk but he has had many conversations with veterans from all strikes in that war.

He began to realize Vietnam Veteran’s conflicts did not end when they came home from the war. It is stated in the article that an estimated 830,000 Vietnam veterans suffered some degree of post traumatic stress disorder. This resulted in many veterans living lives that were racked with mental problems and they dealt with it any way they could. Many times the preferred remedy was drugs and the alcohol. Maher believes and hopes his book and others like it will help those with PTSD by opening the conversation about their experiences.

As if the problems with PTSD aren’t enough to contend with, Vietnam Veterans also face the lingering threat posed by exposure to Agent Orange. That silent killer has stalked and struck down tens of thousands of veterans after the war. Vietnam Veterans have been fighting for a long time.

Maher’s book is a fictional account of conversations he had with five veterans. “All Would Be Heroes” is available to order or soon for digital download at www.allwouldbeheroes.com or at Tate Publishing. The book will also soon be available for purchase at the Mustard Seed at 119 S 18th St, Parsons, KS. All in the vicinity of southeastern Kansas are encouraged to attend one of Maher’s book signing.

Maher has book signings scheduled at:

The Remnant Cafe at 1719 Main St, Parsons, KS  from 9 to 11 a.m. Saturday, July 2,

The Old Soldiers and Sailors reunion in Erie, KS

The rodeo July 12-13, Parsons, KS

The bean feed July 15, Parsons, KS

The parade July 16, Parsons, KS

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