639 – Vietnam lessons could help in Afghanistan

US troops in Afghanistan, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

US troops in Afghanistan

Luis Durani, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Luis Durani

In this episode we will take another look at the situation in Afghanistan and how a lesson from the Vietnam War could be helpful in settling the current quagmire we find ourselves in over in central Asia. An article from Modern Diplomacy titled: A Realist Proposal: How the Vietnam War Can Help the US End its Afghan War by Luis Durani is featured. Durani makes a bold proposal for dealing with the War in Afghanistan.

He suggestion is worth looking at if nothing else because of his impressive and varied background. He is currently employed in the oil and gas industry. He previously worked in the nuclear energy industry. He has a M.A. in international affairs with a focus on Chinese foreign policy and the South China Sea, MBA, M.S. in nuclear engineering, B.S. in mechanical engineering and B.A. in political science. He is also author of “Afghanistan: It’s No Nebraska – How to do Deal with a Tribal State” and “China and the South China Sea: The Emergence of the Huaqing Doctrine.” Follow him for other articles on Instagram: @Luis_Durani.

In his article he points out that the US is currently in a lose – lose situation in Afghanistan. He maintains our Afghan Doctrine has been mishandled from the start and is still being badly run. President Obama proclaims victory and announces a troop pullout and then proceeds to ramp up US support of a corrupt and inept patched together government that would fall soon after cessation of US dollar support.

This is similar to what happened in Vietnam. Durani describes how the US and Vietnam have become closer in response to the growing influence of China. He claims America’s myopic view of Asian politics after the fall of South Vietnam caused it to overlook the historical mistrust of China and Vietnam. This delayed policies that could check Chinese influence in the area.

Durani believes if the US could apply the same logic with the Afghan situation we could actually come out of the quagmire as winners. Listen to this podcast episode and you decide.

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