668 – Vietnam Vet Reunion in upstate New York

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The Northeast USA Vietnam Veterans Reunion Association event

In this episode we announce an event being conducted in Greenville, New Your this weekend July 29-31 by The Northeast USA Vietnam Veterans Reunion Association. The membership will be hosting the17th annual reunion to honor the veterans who died or disappeared during the Vietnam War. The reunion was featured in a story from The Daily Mail of Catskill, New York titled: A celebration of the warriors submitted by Daniel Zuckerman Columbia-Greene Media. The Daily Mail was originally The Catskill Packet which began publication in 1792.

In the past this popular event was attended by veterans from as far away as Florida, Georgia and Louisiana. Its purpose is to honor the veterans who died or disappeared during the Vietnam War. The Master of Ceremonies for the reunion will be Tim Broder Sr. He is a Vietnam War veteran who served with the US Navy SeaBees.

Broder informs us that this 17th annual reunion will be recognizing the 45th anniversary of Operation Lam Son 719. That was a large scale operation in 1971 that involved many US military personnel. Your correspondent was a participant in that operation from start to finish. The purpose of  Operation Lam Son 719 was to sever the Ho Chi Minh Trail in order to cut off supplies to the opposition forces operating in South Vietnam. American forces were barred from invading the “neutral” country of Laos because of the ruckus caused by our incursion into Cambodia the previous year. US forces were allowed to support the hapless South Vietnamese forces who were conducting the invasion.

Other features of the reunion are a potluck dinner Friday night followed by live music entertainment headlined by Angelo D’Aleo, formally of Dion and the Belmonts. In addition to Broder, James V. Yermas, Department Commander for the New York State American Legion will be the keynote speaker. Jim Toone, who is a representative for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. will be in attendance searching for missing photos of fallen veterans whose name is on the Memorial Wall in DC.

The reunion will be held at 5143 Route 81 around a mile west of the intersection of Route 32 and the traffic light in Greenville. All Veterans are welcome, along with their families and friends. At the conclusion of the Memorial Ceremony, all of the Vietnam Veterans in attendance will pose for a “class” photo.

CLICK HERE  for more information about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund and there Education Center missing photo campaign.


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  1. Thank you for putting this information out there. There will be another Vietnam Reunion at the same location on July 28, 29 & 30, 2017. Our first meeting is held at the Greenville, NY Library at 1230 pm on April 1, 2017. To discuss details about the reunion.

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