692 – Jim Arndt – Vietnam Vet Extraordinaire

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Jim Arndt stands in front of a fire truck in honor guard uniform in 2015

Another outstanding representative of the great Vietnam Veteran Generation, Jim Arndt, of Riverton, Wyoming is featured in this episode. His story is found in an article in The Casper Star Tribune titled: Spec. 5 Jim Arndt, Riverton submitted by Gayle Irwin.

Jim Arndt is another Vietnam Veteran who is proud of his service to his country and would gladly do it all over again if he was called upon to do it again. He served a total of sixteen years in the US Army and Air Force. He enlisted in the Army first in 1966 and landed in Vietnam just after the Tet Offensive as a combat medic.

From day one he was confronted with life and death situations. One incident that haunts him to this day is when his patrol was near a civilian bus that his a land mine in a road. The bus was carrying civilians to work at Camp Black Horse. Everyone on the bus that included men, women and children were killed. Arndt had to remove the bodies from the twisted vehicle.

Another chilling incident with mines occurred on March 24, 1969 when he and another medic were near a minefield where the member of a patrol stepped on a mine and numerous members of the patrol were seriously wounded. The blast blew away all the markings but Arndt and his fellow medic went into the area anyway to help the wounded not knowing if they might also step on another mine.

He was medically discharged in 1984. He’s experienced 13 tumors on his right leg as a result of exposure to Agent Orange.  According to Arndt  he has undergone several surgeries and he lacks mobility and feeling in his right foot. Despite this he serves on the Fremont County Honor Guard assisting with and serving in military funerals, and he also helps manage Veterans Hall in Riverton.

Hope you enjoy Jim Arndt’s inspiring story of service to his country.

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