693 – Vietnam Vet Jim Robinson served in the Field Artillery

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Jim Robinson is pictured outside his home in Riverton, Wyoming.

The Wyoming Veterans Commission along with the Casper Star-Tribune and the Casper Journal as part of the Wyoming Welcome Home Program have started a project to publish weekly profiles of Wyoming Vietnam veterans. This podcast is featuring selected Vietnam Veteran stories from the project. In this episode, Vietnam Vet Jim Robinson, will highlighted. Jim’s story came from an article in the ┬áCasper Star Tribune titled: 2nd Lt. Jim Robinson, Riverton submitted by Gayle Irwin.

Jim was born and raised in Comanche, Texas. He went to college in Texas and he graduated just in time for the Vietnam War. He arrived in Vietnam in November, 1968, and was assigned to the 6/32 Field Artillery, 8 inch and 175 mm, IFFV, II Corp near Phu Hiep.

He followed the standard Field Artillery officer assignment pattern. First he was a forward observer. That meant he and a radio operator was assigned to accompany an infantry unit as it moved out on operations. It was the modus operandi in Vietnam for front line officers to serve six months in the trenches and then be assigned to a rear echelon job. So after a six month stint with the infantry units, Jim was called back to the fire base to serve as a fire direction officer in the FDC (fire direction center). This was the place where the input from the forward observers was received and used to compute firing date that was sent to the guns.

After serving as the battery fired direction officer, Jim moved up to the battery executive officer position. The battery XO is responsible for the proper operation of the gun section chiefs. He liked it so well he extended his tour in Vietnam thereby preventing his younger brother who was drafted from coming there. Instead the younger brother was sent to Germany.

After his Army term of service ended he began a career as a teacher in Wyoming. He experience in the war made him a better man, teacher and patriot.

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