698 – El Paso fetes Vietnam Veterans in a big way

Vietnam veterans welcomed, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Vietnam veterans welcomed home in El Paso

Emma Acosta, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Emma Acosta

Back in episode 690 of this podcast we reported on the plans for a special welcome home ceremony planned for the Vietnam Veterans in El Paso. The event was spearheaded by El Paso City Council Representative Emma Acosta. It all started eighteen months ago with a conversation she had with a friend who was an airline stewardess during the Vietnam War. Her friend told her about all the terrible things she witnessed that were done to returning Vietnam Veterans by anti-war protestors.

Acosta decided she wanted to do something to help right the injustices done to the brave Vietnam Veterans when they came home. She assembled a committee made up of a mix of veterans, politicians and business leaders. They got to work and planned a ceremony to honor Vietnam Veterans that will forever more serve as the ideal template for anyone who wants to honor our veterans.

The culmination of the committee’s work came about on Sunday, August 28. It was reported on in a story on KFOX14 titled: El Paso honors its Vietnam veterans with a welcome back ceremony by Meghan Lopez.

The El Paso community came together to put on a parade, welcome home ceremony, dinner and dance in honor of those who fought for our country. The event kicked off in downtown El Paso where dozens marched through the streets. The parade included military vehicles, marching bands, decorated cars and veterans themselves.

The welcome back ceremony kicked off later in the afternoon at the El Paso County Coliseum and featured speeches from local leaders including Mayor Oscar Leeser. Gov. Greg Abbott also sent a video message to the veterans thanking them for their service. Officials said they hope the ceremony can right some of history’s wrongs.

On top of the parade, welcome home ceremony, dinner and dance in honor of the Vietnam Veterans they will be honored on Monday during the El Paso Chihuahua’s baseball game out at Southwest University Park Baseball Stadium.

On behalf of all Vietnam Veterans we thank the people of El Paso and especially Emma Acosta for doing such a wonderful thing to honor the great Vietnam Veteran Generation.

Southwest University Park, home of the El Paso Chihuahuas, Vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Southwest University Park, home of the El Paso Chihuahuas

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