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My name is Mack Payne and I created this podcast as an extension of a book I wrote about my Vietnam memoirs. After writing the book “Vietnam Veteran Memoirs” and talking to other Vietnam veterans about those times I wanted to do more in telling others about those tumultuous times in our history. A podcast episode is an excellent way to record oral history. I plan to interview asĀ  many Vietnam veterans as I can and include them on this podcast so millions around the world can hear the real stories as told by the veterans who experienced the event. These stories will be available for students of history and all who want to know the real story.

Here is little about my background: I am an award winning speaker and a Distinguished Toastmaster. I am a graduate of the University of Florida, have an MBA and also a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College.

I am a decorated veteran of two years in Vietnam and have held elected office in Collier County, Florida. I’ve owned and operated businesses in Florida and also found time to drive a race truck.

Today I am a speaker, author and publisher. My favorite speaking topic is: “Keeping America Great.”

Hope you subscribe and enjoy my podcast.


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  1. Ran across your podcast on FB and started to listen. Heard your name and realized that I was once familiar with a Captain by that name! And you confirmed that when you mentioned Phu Bai and A Btry 4/77 ARA. Thought I would just post and say hello, glad to hear you telling stories about Vietnam Veterans. Very important history.

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