713 – New proposal for Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Memorial

S. Rep. Mark Amodei of Nevada, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

S. Rep. Mark Amodei of Nevada.

A popular topic frequently mentioned on this podcast is the changing attitude of Americans toward the Vietnam Veterans. It’s common knowledge the brave veterans were abused and scorned when they returned home from service in the Vietnam War. Their primary transgression in the minds of the war protestors was the fact they heeded the call of their country. The protestors should have spit on the politicians rather than the brave veterans.

With the assistance of the DoD’s 50 Year Commemoration of the Vietnam War program, events across the nation are popping up to demonstrate belated gratitude and appreciation to the Vietnam Veterans. Just in the previous episode of this podcast an event being held to honor Vietnam Veterans in Lake Havasu was featured.

In this episode another symbol of the national appreciation and recognition of Vietnam Veterans is highlighted. A story in The Ripon Advance titled: Heck convenes hearing on Amodei memorial request for Vietnam War helicopter pilots tells about U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei (R-NV) and his efforts to establish a memorial for Vietnam War helicopter pilots.

The article stated: “U.S. Rep. Joseph Heck (R-NV) convened a hearing on Thursday that explored a measure led by U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei (R-NV) to establish a memorial for Vietnam War helicopter pilots” and: “Heck, the chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Military Personnel, heard testimony about Amodei’s Vietnam Helicopter Crew Memorial Act, H.R. 4298, during the hearing.”

The one hitch in Congressman Amodei’s proposal may be in the fact he is suggesting the memorial be placed in the Arlington National Cemetery. There is a precedent for placing memorials in the cemetery. Four memorials have been approved for placement there in the last 27 years. But despite this there is reluctance on the part of many lawmakers to opening the door to memorials other than burials being placed in the cemetery. It might lead to a disturbing trend.

It does seem like a better location for a memorial to Vietnam War helicopter pilots would be in the vicinity of the Memorial Wall across the river in DC.

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