735 – The Crafty Vietnamese and Cam Ranh Bay

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The USS John S. McCain at Tien Sa Port in Da Nang, visiting as part of the seventh annual Naval Engagement Activity between the US Navy and the Vietnam People’s Navy. Photo by AFP/U.S. Embassy in Hanoi

As a Vietnam Veteran you will always have an interest in the country where your innocence of youth was taken away. We went there as the regular young person from down the street and encountered a world full of terror, adventure, sorrow and excitement. We came home and were called baby killers and for good measure pummeled with eggs and other egregious materials thrown at us by anti-war protestors.

Such a bizarre paradigm of eye opening experiences causes one to retain an interest in the place it happened. In this podcast episode we will take a look at current events in Vietnam specifically the potential war clouds forming on the horizon. A story from The Vietnam Express titled: Vietnam walks a thin line as American, Chinese warships make landmark port calls that was submitted by Dien Luong lays out the situation with how Vietnam is dealing with the situation where China is claiming strategically important islands in the South China Sea, namely the Spratley and Paracel Islands.

Several nations in the area are claiming title to the islands for several good reasons. Number one is that they sit right in the path most of the commercial shipping lanes to the Far East. Controlling those sea lanes would give the controlling authority many advantages over its competitors. Also it is reported the area contains large underwater petroleum reserves which belong to the owners of the islands. Another enticing factor is that the waters off those islands are loaded with seafood which is highly important to those nations in the area who have large population that must be fed.

Vietnam is right in the middle of all this international turbulence. Dien Luong points out that the Vietnamese have to be adept in its relations with other countries. This is one of the reasons they have opened up the big port of Cam Ranh Bay and declared it to be an international port, open to all on a commercial basis.

The Vietnamese are cagy enough in the opinion of this writer to hold their own against the big boys in their neighborhood.

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