739 – Vietnam Vet Dr. Ed Fulton hasn’t yet stopped serving

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Vietnam War Veteran, U.S. Army Major (retired) Dr. Ed Fulton, 76, of Queenstown, as he appears today at his home with a marble image of an American eagle behind him. Fulton has returned to Vietnam 10 times since 2004, providing free medical care to citizens there who are in the greatest need of health care. He said, “Serving during the Vietnam War changed me more than anything else in my life.”

One of the primary missions of this podcast, Vietnam Veteran News, is to point out the greatness of the Vietnam Veteran Generation, one as great as any who ever heeded the call of duty from its country. One of the most effective ways to carry out that mission is to share stories about individual members of that generation. The antiwar protestors were terribly wrong when they called returning Vietnam Veterans terrible names and accused them of committing terrible acts. The vast majority of the veterans not only served their country with distinction in Vietnam but when they came home they continued to serve their country in a wide array of civilian pursuits.

On such Vietnam Veteran is Edwin C. “Doc” Fulton, 76, of Queenstown, Maryland. He is highlighted in a story from myeastershoremd.com titled: Helping people is my therapy, veteran says that was submitted by Doug Bishop  (dbishop@kibaytimes.com). According to Bishop, Fulton received his medical training at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, before going into the U.S. Army. As a Captain in the Army Medical Corps Fulton spent 16 months in Vietnam, during 1970-1971, as a U.S. Army doctor with the 82nd Airborne Rangers unit, providing medical care to soldiers serving in combat. The experience changed his life.

After his Army hitch, Fulton matriculated at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore  where he become an orthopedic surgeon. In 2014 he performed his last orthopedic surgery but continues as an advisor to members of his medical practice team of younger doctors at three different area locations.

The outstanding medical services he has provided his community is only the beginning. He is also very active in helping his fellow veterans. He hosts the Healing Waters Fly-Fishing event for injured combat veterans. Fulton is devoted to seeing that today’s veterans receive their promised services from the government and that people understand the sacrifices veterans make in serving our nation.

In addition to all his activities here in the States, he goes back to Vietnam from time to time to serve the needy there with medical services. Fulton has returned to Vietnam 10 times since 2004, administering free medical care to Vietnamese citizens most in need. He is making plans for another trip back to Vietnam this spring with the group Vets With a Mission.

Edwin C. “Doc” Fulton truly is an outstanding representative of the great Vietnam Veteran Generation.

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