740 – Walla Walla students seek Vietnam Vet stories


vvp1It is so important for Vietnam Veterans to tell their stories. The Vietnam War swept away millions of young Americans and sent them far away to fight in a very challenging war. They served their county as best they could and when they came home they were drastically short changed on the gratitude, respect and recognition they deserved for the tremendous service they rendered to their country. They were abuse verbally and physically by misguided antiwar protestors. Many Vietnam Veterans will  not talk about their time in Vietnam to this very day because of the appalling, disgraceful and shameful treatment they received upon their return home.

It is so important that the record be corrected so the Nation can fully realize what true heroes the Vietnam Veterans actually were and still are. There is a high school history in southeastern Washington state who is conducting a project that will help set the records straight. The teacher and project are described in stories found in the Union-Bulletin.com titled: Students seek area Vietnam vets to interview for history project and an announcement on the Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial VA Medical Center website titled: Vietnam Veterans Invited to Preserve Their Story provided by Linda Wondra, Public Affairs Officer.

College Place High School teacher Paul Carlin is heading up a project with 70 students taking part to interview Vietnam Veterans. Carlin states: “This project gives the students an opportunity to not only learn a very valuable piece of American history through a primary source — a veteran who was there — but also gives students a chance to give back to their community.”

The Walla Walla Veteran Affairs Medical Center is cooperating in the program. According to Linda Wondra, the Public Affairs Officer for The Walla Walla VA Medical Center, her organization will be serving as the primary source for participants in the program. She will serve as the initial contact for veterans interested in participating.

Veterans in the Walla Walla area may contact her at 509-525-5200, ext. 26520, or email her at linda.wondra@va.gov.

CLICK HERE for more information about the Veterans History Project (VHP) resources.

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