741 – Vietnam Vet Chuck Hagel and Bob Kerry opine on presidential election

Chuck Hagel, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Chuck Hagel spoke at The Vietnam War: Lessons and Legacies Symposium at UNO (Photo by Brandon McDermott)

In this episode two eminent Vietnam Veterans, Chuck Hagel and Bob Kerry will offer their opinions about the upcoming presidential election. Comments from the two were reported on as they attended a symposium at the University of Nebraska at Omaha on the political and social repercussions of the Vietnam War. Their remarks were found in a story from KVNO News titled: Chuck Hagel, Bob Kerrey Talk U.S. Presidential Campaign that was submitted by Brandon McDermott, KVNO News.

Chuck Hagel, a Republican, is a former Nebraska Senator and the former Secretary of Defense in the Obama Administration. Bob Kerrey, a Democrat, was a Nebraska Senator and Governor of Nebraska. Both are Vietnam Veterans. At one point during the symposium the discussion turned to politics and the tumultuous presidential campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The Republican, Chuck Hagel, said “Elections and campaigns should be about hope and it should always be about how can we do things better. How can we unite our country and come together to deal with the big problems? This campaign has gone in a totally different direction,”

Bob Kerrey, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

b. Former Nebraska Governor and U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey speaks to the media at UNO. (photo by Brandon McDermott)

Bob Kerrey, the Democrat, noted that social media has played into the discord among Americans. He stated: “Some of it is the impact of social media Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat all these things really increase the level of participation. But I think in some ways it degraded the quality of the debate.”

In true Republican fashion Hagel thinks “We’re too good a country, our fabric, our people are too good. We’ll come back out of it, but it’s going to be painful for a while.” While Kerry is looking for a candidate who is promising to do things  for the middle class, for education, for the environment and all the things that are on the list of people the concerns of people have that involve more government.”

All are encouraged to be careful when they cast their vote in the next presidential election.


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  1. Regardless of the outcome of the election; there will be discord and anger by a very large groups of people directed at the old establishment party leaders on both sides. This has become a splintered nation consisting of many sliver groups who demand their rights at the sacrifice of other splinter groups and I do not see a united nation such as during WWI and WWII in the foreseeable future. In fact, things could even get worse than they are now. People are disgusted with the Bushes (both the old man and younger George & Jeb, the Clintons and Rubios/Ryans of the world.

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