768 – Lao government hits Hmong People with genocide

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Hmong People

It this episode of the podcast we will take another look at the Hmong People situation. A story from the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization website titled: Timeline: Hmong will be featured in this update.

Just a reminder, the Hmong People were indigenous tribesmen who had the misfortune of living in Laos, one of the countries carved out of the old French colony of Indo-China. During the Vietnam War many of the tribesmen were recruited by the CIA to fight in a “secret war” against the North Vietnamese military forces that were flooding into the supposedly neutral Laos.

The Americans pulled out of Vietnam and its secret war in Laos after the signing of the Paris Peace Accords in 1973 leaving their faithful Hmong fighters behind. In 1973 North Vietnam took over South Vietnam since the south had been deserted by the Americans. Simultaneously communist governments took over Laos and Cambodia.

There was no love lost between the new communist Lao government and the Hmong People. Immediately the communists were determined to eliminate all the Hmong people. They are still suffering the consequences of backing the losing side in the Vietnam War to this day. Persecution is a daily reality and many Hmong live in fear of arbitrary arrest and torture while experiencing abject poverty. Their lands are being stolen and exploited with gold mining, illegal logging, over building of dams, flooding the land and the reduction of wildlife and fisheries.

It is apparent the Lao Government is intent upon committing genocide against its Hmong population and its neighbors are complicit in this vile objective. When Hmong people seek refuge in other countries they are in danger. Vietnam and Thailand have agreements with the Laotian government to detain and aid the forceful repatriation of Hmong refugees.

It is a terrible situation these brave people are facing and something really needs to be done to help them.

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Hmong Fighters during the Vietnam War


768 – Lao government hits Hmong People with genocide — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for this website on recognizing the Hmong people who have played a role in the Vietnam war. Usually Hmong people are never mention in history, or just in this part of the Vietnam war.

  2. My heart goes out to someday seeing the Laos government leave the Hmong alone to live in peace. Otherwise, Laos can grant the mountainous area of northern laos a private soverign territory of the Hmong tribes like Native American reservations in the USA.Instead of genocide, Laos should focus on creating an economy.No tourists want to invest in Laos if they see injustice.

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