781 – Lessons from Vietnam and Australia immigration policy

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A Vietnamese court has sentenced four men to three to three and a half years in prison for people smuggling.

In this episode we will take a look at two participants in the Vietnam War and how they are handling a vexing problem faced by the US today. That vexing problem is immigration. The writer of this piece realized an anagnorisis that led to believing the solution to the problem lies in the principles of first aid training he received in the Army. Army training teaches when someone is wounded the first of the life saving steps is to stop the bleeding and take care of the broken bones and other injuries immediately afterward. That concept should apply to the US immigration botheration.

Stop the bleeding by sealing off the southern border where most of the “undocumented visitors” are entering the country and yes it can be done with a concerted national effort. Then treat the other injuries which in this case are the aforementioned undocumentals. A suggestion is to set up a nationwide chain of “Ellis Island” processing centers where the unregistered people can come forward and be legalized. Any undocumental who does not come forward to legalized should then be removed from the country.

A story in The Bangkok Post titled: Vietnam jails people smugglers deported from Australia describes new immigration policies implemented by Vietnam and Australia. Four Vietnamese were convicted of trying to smuggle a boat load of 21 Vietnamese emigrants attempting to enter Australia less paperwork. The convictions occurred after the hopeful immigrants were apprehended by the  Australians when their rickety boat was discovered in Australian waters.

The intruders and their people smuggler escorts were victims of bad timing. Only days before their capture by the Australian authorities, Australia and Vietnam signed an agreement that required the return of Vietnamese nationals deemed to be in Australia illegally. Australia has decided it will not continue to be a haven for worldwide refugees.

The US should take note of what Australia is doing and maybe take a few notes.

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