793 – Vietnam Vet Clarence Mellot’s gripping story

Air Force Vietnam Vet Clarence Walter Reed Mellot, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Air Force Vietnam Vet Clarence Walter Reed Mellot

This is the first regular episode of this podcast, Vietnam Veteran News, to come to you via one of Bob Heil’s PRO series PR 40 Wide Frequency Response Dynamic Microphone. Our goal here at the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast is to present the best product possible to our subscribers and welcomed guest listeners. That is the main reason we upgraded our microphone to one of the best available in the world of broadcasting.

Using that high quality Heil PR 40 Microphone, I will feature the story of another Vietnam Veteran to help illustrate my judgment that the Vietnam Veteran Generation is as great as any that ever headed the call of duty from its country. That veteran is Clarence Walter Reed Mellot. His story was featured in The Casper Star Tribune in a piece titled: Master Sergeant Clarence Mellot, Cheyenne that was submitted by Gayle M. Irwin.

Clarence served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War and he remained in the military until his retirement. After living all over the world during his Air Force career he settled down in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Among doing other things in his retirement, he’s volunteered at the Cheyenne VA Hospital for the past 12 years as much as his health would allow. The motivation to serve others at the VA resulted from the treatment he received when he was deathly ill in the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC years before. He had became ill as a result of his service in Southeast Asia and ended up undergoing several surgeries on his digestive tract and spent six months in Walter Reed Hospital.

He got so low in spirits while in the hospital, he did not want to go on living. As Clarence put it: “Friends I didn’t know would come to the door and visit with me and try to instill life into my defeated mind.”  Those wonderful acts of kindness to him in his time of need encouraged him to remain in the Air Force where he continued to work in air rescue doing his best to help others.

While in the hospital Clarence picked up on writing as a means of overcoming depression. It worked for him and he has since written nearly 3,000 poems, as well as a few books, including “My Heart’s Poetry.” A link to that book is provided with the recommendation you buy a copy and sample some of Clarence’s thoughts.


My Heart's Poetry, vietnam veteran news, mack payne


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