798 – John Kerry smeared American Vietnam military service

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John Kerry smearing American soldiers before the Senate Armed Services Committee in 1971.

As Secretary of State John Kerry steps down from office it is important for all Vietnam Veterans to be aware of and remember his past activities relating to those veterans before he goes off into obscurity and works at spending his wife’s money. There was a story about Mr. Kerry in The Washington Free Beacon’s website freebeacon.com titled: That Time John Kerry Defamed America and American Soldiers that was submitted by Brent Scher. It reminds us of the despicable things he said about American soldiers when he appeared before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee back in 1971. He followed up that appearance before the Senate with participation in a protest where he claimed he threw his medals on the White House lawn. Later he admitted the medals belonged to someone else.

One thing to keep in mind about John Kerry is that he was the son of a foreign service officer and grew up outside the United States. He lived in Berlin before going to a Swiss boarding school at age 11. Before joining the US Navy he relocated to New Haven, Connecticut where he matriculated and graduated from that bastion of conservative thought – Yale University.

In Scher’s story it is intimated that when Kerry said those terrible things about his own country’s troops, he was being used a tool by the Soviet Union propagandists. In the early 1970s Kerry became the spokesman of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), a group of a few thousand anti-war activists. Thomas Owens, a Naval War College professor who led a Marine platoon in the Vietnam War, has argued that much of what the VVAW was putting forward was based on Soviet Union propaganda. Kerry and the VVAW, Owen wrote, were essentially using “Americanized” Soviet propaganda to smear his own country’s troops.

All this sheds light on why John Kerry would smear the reputation of all Vietnam Veterans. Let’s hope someday he will fess up to his misdeeds the way his namesake Bob Kerry did. Bob Kerry admitted to taking part in a slaughter of more than an dozen unarmed villagers at Thanh Phong in 1967 during a CIA Phoenix Program operation.

bob kerry, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Bob Kerry along with some his fellow gallant warriors in Vietnam.

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