800 – Two stories about Vietnam Veterans


This 800th episode of the podcast Vietnam Veteran News marks the third anniversary of its founding back in January of 2014. We are grateful to the many subscribers who have helped make it a success. This podcast is dedicated to the betterment of the Vietnam Veteran Universe. We feature stories about the veterans, the war and some of its lasting effects. We also advocate for veteran causes.

To help note the milestones of the podcast’s three year anniversary and 800th episode, two stories about Vietnam Veterans will be featured. The First comes from Long Beach, Mississippi. US Navy Vietnam Veteran Jerry Wayne Pino recently passed away. Jerry had made all the prearrangements for his funeral except for one thing – the pallbearers. Because he did not have any family, there was no one to carry his casket.

Vietnam Vet Jerry Wayne Pino Funeral, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

The six young men who volunteered as pallbearers for Vietnam Veteran Jerry Wayne Pino serving at the funeral in Long Beach, Mississippi.

A story in The Daily Mail website dailymail.com titled: Heart-wrenching scenes see six teens flank Vietnam War veteran’s coffin as they volunteer as pallbearers at his funeral because he didn’t have any family that was submitted by Kaileen Gaul lays out the details. Kaileen describes how a veteran who worked at¬†Riemann Family Funeral Homes in Long Beach contacted a young man who found the six pallbearers needed for the service.¬†Bailey Griffin, Joseph Ebberman, JT Tripp, Jake Strong, Kenny McNutt and James Kneiss stepped forward to perform the service. The flag that draped the casket was presented to the young men after the service.

Joe Freedman, from Danby, left, and Joe Giammichele, from Horseheads, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Joe Freedman, from Danby, left, and Joe Giammichele, from Horseheads.(Photo: Gay Huddle / Correspondent photo)

The other story featured in this episode comes from The Star Gazette and is titled: REUNION: Two area Vietnam vets renew friendship that was submitted by Gay Huddle. Huddle tells about two Air Force Vietnam Veterans who were good buddies in Vietnam where they served with the 6994th Security Squadron outside Saigon. The two of them flew a total of 214 dangerous combat missions involved in low-level flying, flushing out North Vietnamese and Viet Cong radio transmitters.

After the war they separated but unknowingly settled in two small towns (Horse Heads and Danby) in New York only 30 minutes apart. They located each other via Facebook and recently met for a four hour breakfast at a Denny’s restaurant in Ithaca to catch up on old times.

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