803 – Another dark legacy of Vietnam is bubbling up

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Marines in Vietnam

In this episode another lingering dark legacy of the Vietnam War will be featured. It seems they never stop coming. If it’s not PTSD or Agent Orange diseases it’s something else. This time it is a parasite that can cause bile-duct cancer years after a Vietnam Veteran picks up the contemptible organism. An example of what can happen was highlighted in a story from KNX New Radio in Los Angles titled: Valencia Family Speaks Out About Rare Cancer That Killed Their Vietnam War Veteran Father.

Mike Brown of Valencia, California who was a 68 year old retired marine and Los Angeles police officer passed away in October of bile-duct cancer. That was three years after  was diagnosed with the disease. He left two children and five grandchildren behind. His family stepped forward and spoke out about how they believe the rare disease that killed their father is becoming a threat to more Vietnam Veterans. They are of the opinion the bile-duct cancer disease is linked to a parasite that is prevalent in Southeast Asia and a number of veterans could have inadvertently gotten the organism while in Vietnam.

The family has been searching for answers. Mike Brown’s son, Sean, has found there are hundreds of cases where Vietnam Veterans have the same diagnosis of the disease. Researchers believe there is a high probability that a parasite that is commonly found in undercooked river fish in Southeast Asia is linked to bile cancer. Sean Brown said he believes the data coming in from those parts of the world points verify the theory.

The VA initially rejected Mike Brown’s claim for assistance but after much effort on the part of Brown and his family the claim was approved one week before his death.

Notice to all Vietnam Veterans, if you ever consumed food in country and you have symptoms of jaundice or fatigue, get in as soon as possible and get it checked out. You may have this vile parasite swimming around in your body just waiting to manifest itself as bile-duct cancer.

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