819 – Vietnam Vet, James Frick to lift 200 tons for Fisher House

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A wounded veteran and his family pose outside the Fisher House in Tampa, Fla. Frick will attempt to lift 200 tons in two hours March 4 to raise money for the Fisher House.

James Frick is another outstanding representative of the great Vietnam Veteran Generation. He is a 66-year-old Army veteran and a 1972 West Point graduate. He is doing something noteworthy for the Fisher House Foundation. He lives in Tampa but there was a story about him and his project in The Fort Hood Herald website kdhnews.com Titled: Army vet to lift 200 tons to raise money for Fisher House that was submitted by  David A. Bryant of the Fort Hood Herald.

He plans to attempt to break a world weight lifting record on March 4, 2017. The purpose of his mission is to raise awareness and donations for the Fisher House Foundation. The primary goal of the Foundation is to make sure family members and loved ones of injured veterans undergoing treatment at VA hospitals can be by the side of the veteran during the recovery process. They do this by providing housing at no cost for injured veterans and their families. At the present time the Fisher House Foundation operates 71 guest homes nationally.

Frick said this about his motivation for the project: “As a civilian, from 2010 to 2012, I flew (often) to San Antonio or Washington, D.C. Every trip I saw wounded military personnel traveling to and from military and VA hospitals. It was heartbreaking to see so many young Americans missing limbs or suffering other forms of physical or mental injury.”

During his training in the military Frick said it was drilled into him that you never leave anyone behind. He feels that helping the Fisher House is an excellent to make sure wounded veterans are not left behind.

The Fisher House does wonderful things for our veterans. Everyone is encouraged to follow James Frick’s 200 ton lift record attempt. CLICK HERE for his 200 Tons For Veterans website. More importantly all are urged to make a contribution to the Fisher House Foundation. You can easily do it at his website.


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