821 – Anniversary of the Paris Peace Accords

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Signed: Vietnam Peace Agreement. Photo: Wikimedia Commons | Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Today is a noteworthy time for all Vietnam Veterans. Today is the 44th anniversary of the Paris Peace Accords signed on January 27, 1973. They ended US involvement in the Vietnam War or as the Hindus call it the “American War.” In recent episodes of this podcast we have also looked at the genesis of large scale American military entanglement in Southeast Asia. That was both a and b versions of OPLAN 34 formulated in January of 1964. That infamous plan led to activities that resulted in the Gulf of Tonkin Incident which gave President Johnson political cover to move forward with a major military intervention into the conflict against world communist domination being played out within the confines of a civil war in Vietnam.

Also featured on a recent episode of this podcast was the last battle of the Vietnam War that was called the Mayaguez Incident. It occurred in May of 1975 when the Khmer Rouge seized an American freighter en-route from Saigon to a port in Thailand. The captors took the ship to a island off the coast of Cambodia and arrested the crew. A detachment of Marines from Okinawa was sent to rescue the ship and its crew. They landed on the island of Koh Tang and engaged the hostiles. Thirteen brave Marines fell in the battle that ensued.

There was a story in The Hindu newspaper of Chennai, Madras, India titled: Drawing a truce that was submitted by Archana Subramanian and it gave the Hindu viewpoint of the peace accord and a review of the American War in Vietnam. It is quite interesting to look at the war and how it ended through the eyes of someone watching the conflict from a relatively close range yet they managed to avoid being sucked up into it.

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