825 – Vietnamese immigration comparison exposes hypocrisy


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This episode will deal with immigration to the USA. Currently there is much consternation afoot throughout the nation and in other parts of the world that was kicked off by an order from President Trump. The dastardly thing he did was carry out a campaign promise. Specifically he put into effect a six week temporary hold on immigration from seven countries former President Obama declared as most likely to spawn terrorists intent upon harming this country and its citizens.

That action has put opposition politicians (primarily Democrats) in a tizzy. It even brought the minority Senate leader Senator Schumer to tears and caused George Soros to loose his professional protestors to do their havoc raising activities.

Dealing with refugees is an important function of government. It is eye opening to examine how previous refugee crises after crises have been handled. Unfortunately for the naysayers in the current refugee maelstrom, history is proving them to be nothing more than a bunch of pathetic hypocrites.

There was an observation about refugees in The PowerLine blog titled: The left’s view of refugees, then and now posted by Paul Mirengoff. He took a look at the rush of refugees after the Vietnam War. Mirengoff pointed out in his post that some of the same players engaging in the vituperation of Trump’s immigration policy were singing a totally different tune when it came to Vietnamese refugees.

Governor Jerry Brown of California and Joe Biden of foot in the mouth fame were a part of the left wing objection to letting in Vietnamese trying to escape Communist tyranny in their home country. Apparently they were unhappy about letting in the Vietnamese people who had the audacity to fight against the saintly “Uncle Ho Chi Minh” and his murderous cohorts.

In the current refugee crises the same pack of jackals who railed against accepting Vietnamese refugees are all in favor of admitting hordes of refugees from the middle east that contain those who want to do harm to Americans and our way of life. I don’t recall every hearing Vietnamese refugees making the same threats.

Listen to the podcast and you decide. Your comments are welcome.

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