829 – Florida Congressman files new Agent Orange bill


Retired Air Force Master Sgt. Leroy Foster being interviewed by WFLA Channel 8 Investigative Reporter Steve Andrews.

Recently in the great State of Florida in the city of Lakeland three entities came together and produced something hopeful. The story about this interesting coming together is described in a story on WFLA News Channel 8 of Tampa, Florida titled: Lakeland veteran fights to get out the truth, honored by Congressman and was submitted by Channel 8 Investigative Reporter Steve Andrews.

Party of the first part was retired Air Force Master Sgt. Leroy Foster. For thirty years he has been trying and fighting to expose the truth about the ravages of Agent Orange, the infamous herbicide that was used extensively during the Vietnam War. Today Foster is beset with five cancers and 28 auto-immune diseases that are suspiciously similar to those caused by exposure to the dioxin found in Agent Orange. The problem for the Air Force retiree is that he served at Andersen AFB on Guam during the Vietnam War so he is excluded from receiving Agent Orange benefits. He did not have “boots on the ground” and in addition to that the VA asserts the dastardly herbicide was never used in Guam. The problem is that Foster helped apply thousands of gallons of a weed killer that came packaged in 55 gallon drums with orange stripes and was labeled herbicides by Dow Chemical. In other words it appears the VA is lying about the subject of the use and presence of Agent Orange in Guam during the Vietnam War, to Foster’s detriment.

Party of the second part to this story is WFLA TV’s Target 8 Program. In January reporter Steve Andrews interviewed Foster and brought his story to light. Foster said this about the WFLA reporter: “You guys are giving people with no voice, a voice, and you’re giving them hope that they’re being heard.” Andrews reporting for Target 8 led to the EPA launching an investigation.

The third party to this story is Congressman Ross. After hearing Foster’s story he was moved to file a bill in Congress he calls the “Foster Act.” Specifically it is known as HR-809 and its purpose is to expand Agent Orange treatment and benefits to veterans who served in certain areas of Thailand, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa and for good measure he is including the Blue Water Navy Vietnam veterans into the mix.


829 – Florida Congressman files new Agent Orange bill — 5 Comments

  1. I was also stationed at Andersen AFB Guam from Jan. 1971 to November 1972.
    Work on the flight line and have come down with some of the diabetes mellitus 2, non-hodgkins lymphoma (to which I lost my right kidney. Can only hope and pray this bill will be passed as the VA is of no help to at this time.

  2. I was stationed on Guam as an Air Policeman and walked a special beat at the Marbo part of Anderson AFB where Leroy Foster claims that he sprayed. I met him twice during his sprayings and he said that he was killing weeds. The aftermath was large brown areas where he had sprayed. I now have diabetes. Heart disease. Take over 20 pills a day and have cancer related disease. Many other things. Have had a claim for 4 years and continue the fight. Believe in my heart thsat they wait for us to die.

  3. I was in Guam at Anderson afb as a structural repair for all airplanes from Jan 1971 to 1973. There were airplanes that came in for us to work on but had to be washed down first by crew wearing haz mat suites. Our repair station was about 50 yards from there and we would inhale that stuff and I have always felt it was agent orange. I have diabetes and severe back pain and so many diagnoses to even mention now. Would love to be in contact from others there. I am Perry Edward Blakley.

  4. I was in Guam at Anderson AFB Guam with the 7th Bomb Wing Heavy out of Carswell AFB Tx Operation ARC LIGHT 1965 . We were the first to bomb North Vietnam. I was cross training into Munition Maintenance and assembled bombs in the revetments and igloos. We were strayed DAILY with pesticides and defoliants weekly and we were sprayed while working. I was in the Munitions Storage area every nasty day. It the jungles north west of the base and even today its restricted access because of contamination. My case is going on 6 years and is in the appeals process. I have Heart Disease with triple bi pass AND Lung Cancer with loss of 1/3 Lung apex and 3 ribs and severed thoracic nerve THESE ARE PRESUMPTIVE FOR NAM . I AM HOPEFUL TE HOUSE MOVES IT BEFORE TH END OF THE YEAR 2017 AND 2018 PASSES WE DYING EVERYDAY FROM THIS

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