840 – Another big Vietnam War mistake

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What were they thinking?”

In this episode we will take a look at another newspaper column by Mike Scruggs who is going about exposing what he sees as the big mistakes committed in the Vietnam War. In episode 833 of this podcast we featured what he described as big mistake number 12 of the War. The story featured here is from a column by Scruggs in The Tribune Papers of Asheville, North Carolina titled: Moral Consequences of Abandoning the Cause of Freedom.

Scruggs maintains the Marxist American Left and its increasing influence on a war-weary Congress with a heavy Democrat majority tied President Nixon’s hands when it came to dealing with the North Vietnam foe during the crucial years of 1972 and 1973. As a result of Operation Linebacker II the North Vietnamese were in tough shape.

From December 18 to December 29, 1972, USAF and US Navy bombed the hell out of Hanoi and Haiphong. In addition the Navy mined the Haiphong Harbor. The aerial attacks knocked out 80 percent of North Vietnam’s infrastructure including its electrical generating capacity, fuel reserves, railroad facilities and rolling stock. Shipments of war supplies to the NVA and Viet Cong forces in the south were also cut by 80 percent. North Vietnam’s air defense system was effectively destroyed and could not offer any further resistance.

The North Vietnamese knew they could count of leftist support in the US to pressure the government to agree to a meaningless peace agreement that only bought time for them. On January 27, 1973, The United States, South Vietnam, North Vietnam, and the Communist National Liberation Front signed a peace agreement that should have ended the Vietnam War.

We all know what happened after the Paris Peace Accords were signed. On April 17, 1975 Cambodia fell to the Communists and on April 30 of 1975 South Vietnam suffered the same fate. This happened because the US cut support to those countries to a trickle while the USSR and Communist China continued pouring war aid to North Vietnam.

After the Communists took over, 3.5 million people perished because we abandoned them to brutal Marxist oppression.

Was it worth 58,000 American lives, and the deaths of 195,000 South Vietnamese Military personnel and untold hundreds of thousands of North Vietnamese spent to stop something that was going to happen anyway? And now in today’s world the former adversaries of Vietnam War times are joining up to face a new threat.

Go figure.

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