841 – Noting a war and the Greatest Generations Foundation

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The Chinese attack occurred when Vietnam’s main forces were tied up battling the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia; a force of around 50,000 Vietnamese soldiers were sent north to battle a Chinese invasion force 12 times its size.

The Greatest Generations Foundation is looking for a few Vietnam Veterans who would like to go back to Vietnam and revisit where they fought for their country many years ago. There is a story at the Benzinga.com website titled: Captain Dale Dye Returns to Southeast Asia to Honor Forgotten Generation of Vietnam Vets that tells about the Foundation’s Back to Vietnam Program and what it is doing to preserve the history and veteran memories of the war.

But first it is important to mark the 38th anniversary of a war not familiar to many Americans. On February 17, 1979, 600,000 Chinese soldiers attacked across the 360 mile northern border of Vietnam. The spiteful and sly ChiComs chose that time to attack its southern neighbor because their army was way down south in Cambodia eliminating the Khmer Rouge regime. Unfortunately for Vietnam, the murderous Khmer Rouge were clients of the Chinese and they did not like the upstart Vietnamese beating up on their ally.

The war lasted only 17 days. It ended after the feisty Vietnamese pulled a 50,000 man force by home to dispense with the invaders. That force proceeded to beat the hell out of the ChiComs. The invaders suffered 12,000 KIA and the loss of 140 main battle tanks.

A story in The Vietnam Express International titled: Remembering Vietnam’s bloody border war with China submitted by Hoang Phuong tells about Captain Dale Dye. He is a Vietnam Veteran who became a legendary film maker and renowned international author.  He served as a technical advisor to movies like: “Saving Private Ryan,” “Band of Brothers,” and “The Pacific.”

The story also covered The Greatest Generations Foundation, a charitable organization devoted to honoring our nation’s veterans that will over the next ten years sponsor 1,000 combat veterans back to Vietnam under a new educational initiative called “The War Without Heroes.”

To learn more about The Greatest Generations Foundation and its back to Vietnam program CLICK HERE.

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