842 – Finally America opens up to Vietnam Veterans


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Doors of welcome are opening across this great land for Vietnam Veterans. It is especially meaningful to that group of veterans primarily because the icy reception they received when they came home after serving their country in a challenging and thankless war that was highly unpopular. For some strange reason the displeasure of the population resulting from opposition to the war was directed toward the returning veterans.

That really makes absolutely makes no sense at all. The veterans were sent over at the behest of the government. They were not particularly keen to the idea of going over to fight in that setting and circumstances but they went due to a love and respect of country. To be assailed by antiwar protestors upon their returned really messed up their minds and the mess has lasted a long time. But the times are a’ changing.

Across this great land from coast to coast and border to border events are taking place in towns large, small and in between to welcome home and show gratitude Vietnam Veterans. One of those events is occurring on March 23 in Brunswick, Georgia. It was featured in a story in The Jacksonville Times-Union’s jacksonville.com website titled: Georgia to honor Vietnam era veterans in Brunswick March 23. The story was submitted by Terry Dickson: (912) 264-0405.

The event will take place at College of Coastal Georgia. Georgia Veterans Service Commissioner Mike Roby reported that he will join federal, county and city officials at the 6:30 p.m. ceremony in which each veteran will receive a certificate recognizing their service during the war and with a Vietnam War veteran lapel pin from the Defense Department,

All Vietnam-era veterans in the Southeast Georgia are encouraged to attend the event. Since special Georgia Department of Veterans Service Vietnam War Certificates will be presented to each veteran it is necessary for each one to register no later than March 10.

Registration can be done with any of the following methods:

  1. By email – bziringue@vs.state.ga.us with their DD Form 214 attached
  2. By Fax – fax name, address, phone number and DD Form 214 to (404) 656-7006.
  3. Phone – call the Brunswick Veterans Service field office at 11 Judicial Lane in Brunswick or by phone at (912) 262-2345.

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