844 – Chattanooga VVA to host three day welcome home event


Vietnam Veterans of America, vietnam veterans news, mack payneIt is often said that time changes everything. That seems to be happening with America’s attitude toward Vietnam Veterans. When that group of great veterans came home, for the first time in our history they were not welcomed home as heroes. To the contrary upon their return they were abused with a level of vituperation that was shocking to many, especially the veterans.

Thank goodness for the change creation process brought on by time. Finally after all these years, about fifty, the nation is beginning to see its Vietnam Veterans and the heroes they truly are. Partly through the auspices of the Department of Defense, events across the country celebrating and welcoming home the Vietnam Veterans.

The Vietnam Veterans of America organization, organized and run by Vietnam Veterans and or not a part of the government is taking the lead in setting up welcome home events across the country.

In Chattanooga, Tennessee VVA Chapter 203 under the leadership of chapter president Bill Norton is planning a super three day welcome home event. It will take place on March 27, 28 and 29. One of the many highlights of the event will be an appearance of Joe Galloway. Among other things he co-wrote We Were Soldiers Once…and Young with LTG Hal Moore who was the ground commander for the 1st Cavalry Division unit that fought in the first major battle of the Vietnam War – The Battle of the Ia Drang Valley.

Features of the Welcome Home Celebration will include this and more:

Day one – welcoming remarks by the mayors, special music and meals for 1000 veterans.

Day two – Three showing of the movie We Were Soldiers Once followed by panel discussions with members of the military who were in the battle.

Day three – A memorial service at the National Cemetery.

All Vietnam Veterans and those who care about them in the Chattanooga area are encouraged to attend this tremendous event.

The organizers of the event need your help to make this welcome celebration a reality. They are asking for your financial help to defray event expenses.

Send contributions by check to:

VVA Chapter 203, Special Events

P.O. Box 23405

Chattanooga, Tennessee 37422

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