847 – Janet Nguyen treatment illustrates death of free speech in America

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California State Senator Janet Nguyen speaking her piece that got her thrown out of the room.

California State Senator Janet Nguyen recently did something that makes Vietnam Veterans wonder if we were fighting in vain. We thought we were fighting for among other things the right to free speech. Apparently we failed in that pursuit according to a despicable incident that recently occurred on the floor of the California State Senate chamber.

Tom Hayden, a former member of that august body, on October 23, 2016 assumed room temperature surrounded by his family at the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, California. His death was caused by complications from a stroke he suffered about 18 months prior to his passing. He was 76. He was also the former husband of Jane Fonda and a peace activist whose radical views helped spur the 1960s anti-Vietnam War movement. Along with his then wife “Hanoi Jane” he openly supported a military victory by communist North Vietnam as it tried to take over South Vietnam. Ergo he unabashed supported the defeat of the American military in that war.

After the Vietnam war era he served for many years as a California lawmaker. Naturally he was highly thought of in that state. When he died the State Senate took time out to laud his service to the state. Unfortunately State Senator Janet Nguyen had the audacity to stand up and speak the truth about Mr. Hayden. She said this about him: “Mr. Hayden sided with a communist government that enslaved and/or killed millions of Vietnamese, including members of my own family. Mr. Hayden’s actions are viewed by many as harmful to democratic values and hateful towards those who sought the very freedoms on which this nation is founded.”

That remark and others like it got her thrown out of the chamber. So much for freedom of speech.

It is also interesting to note that Governor Brown who today is opening up his arms and state to all the Syrian refugees who would like to come there with no limitations. When it came to accepting Vietnamese refugees this was his tune in 1975: “There is something a little strange about saying, ‘Let’s bring in 500,000 more people when we can’t take care of the one million (Californians) out of work.’ ”

This story came from The Sacramento Bee titled: Democratic leaders silence Nguyen, stir up old conflict. It was submitted by Dan Walters, an observer of California and it politics.

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