874 – A Vietnam Vet and his Pontiac LeMans

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    Newlyweds Bob and Sue Banks pose for a picture while on a fishing trip to Little Fort, British Columbia, in the spring of 1968. Their boat is atop Bob’s 1967 Pontiac LeMans Sprint, which he bought two days after returning from serving with the Navy in the Vietnam War in April 1967. (Courtesy Bob and Sue Banks)

This episode of the podcast “Vietnam Veteran New” you will be treated to a love story. It is about a Vietnam Vet, Bob Banks, who is celebrating several fiftieth anniversaries this month. The story about them are found in The Herald of Everett, Washington titled: Home from war 50 years ago, he met his love and bought a car.  It was submitted by Julie Muhlstein, 425-339-3460; jmuhlstein @heraldnet.com.

Some of the fiftieth anniversaries Bob is celebrating this month include:

  1. His safe return from the Vietnam War.
  2. He was able to go back to his old pre-Vietnam War job he had with West Coast Telephone Co. in Everett.
  3. He bought a 1967 Pontiac LeMans.
  4. He proposed marriage to his sweetheart and she accepted.

The notable thing about Bob’s anniversaries is that he is still married to his sweetheart, Sue and he still owns the same 1967 Pontiac LeMans.

Bob is another great example of the tremendous Vietnam Veteran Generation. He served his country in Vietnam, came home and continued serving as a citizen of Marysville, WA. He put in a career with West Coast Telephone Co. (later GTE Corp) in Everett, he maintained a stable home where he raised two children and he stayed married to the same woman.

The fact that he kept the car he purchased fifty years ago is especially noteworthy to this writer because I too bought a Pontiac LeMans in 1966 but did not have the foresight or wherewithal to hold on to it. When I went to Vietnam the first time, one year seemed like an eternity so I sold my prized LeMans before I departed. Now after hearing about Bob Banks keeping his LeMans, I am kicking myself for not doing the same.

Talking about his life in Marysville, Washington Bob says: “We’ve been awfully happy and awfully blessed.”

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