884 – “Hanoi Jane” Fonda still at it in Georgia

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American actress Jane Fonda visited Hanoi during the Vietnam War in July 1972.

When newly elected President Donald Trump was assembling his new cabinet he selected Representative Tom Price of the 6th Congressional District of the great State of Georgia to be the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This was a little risky in that it opened up a seat in the US Congress. This gave the rabid Trump haters an opportunity to show what they had in putting a Democrat in the vacancy. They are trying as hard as their little bodies can muster forward. There is a story about the campaign going on in the 6th District in The Washington Free Beacon titled: Jane Fonda Is Latest of Unnamed Democrat’s Celebrity Donors that was submitted by Brent Scher.

Scher reports that the Democratic candidate has raised over $8 million, a record amount for a Congressional campaign. Recently Jane Fonda contributed $2,000 to the coffers of the Democrat. She is only one of the many Hollywood celebrities who have embraced the Democratic campaign ranging from anti-gun advocate Rosie O’Donnell to topless model Chelsea Handler. 95% of the campaign donations are from out of state donors however Fonda’s donation check had the Atlanta address of her Jane Fonda Foundation, one criticized for its lack of charitable giving.

A special election will be held on Tuesday, April 18 with a runoff, if necessary on June 20.

It is very important for all the patriots in the 6th Congressional District of Georgia to get out and vote for a Republican. If you approve of the action taken in Syria where we slapped around the gas station, the dropping of a MOAB on the Isis camp in Afghanistan and sending an armada to the coast of North Korea vote Republican. If you like the chicken manure type statesmanship of the former administration vote Democrat in this election.

If you resent all the outside Hollywood money coming in trying to influence the election of your local representative, vote Democrat.

If you approve the policies of Jane Fonda, vote Democrat.

If you prefer to decide who you local representative will be without outside influence, vote Republican.

If you would like a strong America on the international stage and a Rich America on the home front economically, vote Republican.


884 – “Hanoi Jane” Fonda still at it in Georgia — 2 Comments

  1. I disagree with this entire message. The 45th President has shown less interest in helping Vets , Seniors, Seniors on Social Security and Medicare, the poor, the disabled, children, Women’s health issues, the Inner cities, jobs creation, and Health Care for All, than he has in the PR stunts!! These PR stunts include “bombing” an empty Syrian airfield, dropping a MOAB, which may have done some good against Isil, (no believable damage assessments yet), and playing golf every freaking weekend!!! The issue of the seat in question, from your perspective, means bringing up Jane Fonda?? Really?? This is your motive… to attack any Democrat with a 60 year slur?? What about your candidates?? Do they have anything noteworthy to say, or propose?? Or, do you attack, and smear people, because you have nothing good to propose?? That is sad, and childish!! This 6th District seat should go to the most qualified person who has plans to help the electorate!! That’s Jon Ossoff, in my opinion, and not your attack dogs, who haven’t put out any a plan except, to follow # 45 into another war! Oh, by the way, another war will only help those rich people, who control america now!! It may only kill our children in battle, not rich kids! And, it may kill us all, in a nuclear exchange! Be careful with your hatred of Jane Fonda, and your idolation of a TV Show host and possible russian traitor, who doesn’t seem to know how to govern, only how to make money off US Taxpayers, you and I!! Be careful who you follow… I’m a Vet, I served in war, I am not chicken manure, and I’m a patriot! None of those things can be said of your president!

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