886 – Vietnam Vet Jim Crigler interview about his Mississippi Gold Star Paddle

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Jim Crigler getting ready for his 2250 mile canoe trip down the Mississippi to honor Vietnam Gold Star Families.

The Vietnam Veteran Generation is as great as any that ever answered the call of duty from our country. Back in episode 880 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast you were introduced to Jim Crigler, a tremendous representative of that great generation. In Vietnam, he was a helicopter pilot and served with A Troop, 7th of the 17th Cav at Phan Rang just south of Cam Ranh Bay and later with the 129 Assault Helicopter Company at An Son which is about 8 miles due west of Qui Nhon.

During his tour in Vietnam, Jim escorted home the remains of one of his best friends from his unit, Tom Shaw. Tom was killed on a combat mission. ┬áThe meeting with his friend’s family was a highly emotional experience that he never forgot. That experience inspired his deep interest in the Vietnam Gold Star Families.

Jim was interviewed in this episode to talk about a very audacious project he intends to begins very soon. Jim is a man of action and has decided to take dramatic action to help bring attention the Gold Star Families. He will soon begin a solo canoe trip down the Mississippi River from Lake Itasca, Minnesota 2250 miles downriver to New Orleans, Louisiana.

His mission is to start a movement to get Americans to appreciate the deep sacrifices of our Gold Star families. Jim says: “We owe them honor. It does not have to be much, but it does have to be SOMETHING: A card, an email, a phone call. Just something small will do.” He intends to use the media exposure he gets along the way to tell the story of the Vietnam Gold Star Families.

Jim says he could use some “ground crew” assistance on his long trip. If you would like to offer any assistance for the trip contact Jim at:



More here: https://www.facebook.com/MissionofHonor/

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The Solo paddler Crigler will use on the first phase of the Mississippi Gold Star Paddle is called the “Libby-O.”

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The other solo canoe Crigler will switch to after Park Rapids MN. It is a forward facing rowing system.


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