887 – Jane Fonda, Rosie O’Donnell, et al came up short in GA 6 election

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Carpetbagging Democratic candidate failed to avoid a runoff election in Georgia’s 6th congressional district. | Getty

Back in Episode 884 of this podcast “Vietnam Veteran News” a call to action was issued to all in the Georgia Congressional District 6. The call stemmed from the special election being held to fill the vacant seat left by Tom Price when he moved up to be the Secretary of Health and Human Services. There was a story about the event on the Politico website politico.com titled: Democrats begin to wonder: When do we win? and it was submitted by Gabriel Debenedetti.

Debenedetti described the situation as such: the Democrats are still smarting from the drubbing they have taken in elections of late. They have lost the “Big House” (the presidency), the Senate, the House of Representatives and hundreds of state and local seats. They are desperate to start winning elections – anywhere. They had hoped to win the House seat in Kansas that was vacated by Mike Pompeo when he became the CIA Director. They lost. Next they moved to Georgia with high hopes that a young carpetbagger candidate from outside the district with massive carpet bagging donations from Hollywood, Washington and Massachusetts could do the trick. Again they failed when the carpetbagger came up two percentage points short.

The writer of this post officially claims credit for the narrow defeat of the carpetbagger in the Georgia primary. It was mentioned in the podcast episode that none other than “Hanoi Jane” Fonda made a generous donation of two thousand dollars to the carpetbagger’s campaign. It came from the largesse of the Jane Fonda Foundation, which has been criticized for its lack of charitable giving.

Distasteful as the Jane Fonda name is to most all Vietnam Veterans, it was necessary to upchuck the despicable personage to illustrate the issues at stake in the Georgia contest. Fonda’s attitudes and opinions have not changed over the years. She stands for the failed policies of the past. The other side favors a strong, prosperous and law abiding America where all enjoy the fruits of this wonderful country. Thank you citizens of Georgia Congressional District 6.

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