891 – Vietnam Vet Dick Alford showed how it’s done

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Dick Alford of Alton completed his college degree and went on to a successful business career after being wounded in the Vietnam War while serving in the Army.
Photo by Frank Prager

In this episode another Vietnam Vet, Dick Alford, will be featured. His is another brightly shining representative of the Great Vietnam Veteran Generation, one as great as any that ever heeded the call of duty from its country. He was talked about in a story in The Advantage News titled: Not expecting praise that was submitted by Frank Prager.

Alford was chosen to be highlighted in this episode due to his wonderful and practical attitude toward his service in Vietnam and life in general. He stated: “I always just figured that nobody owed me anything. I had served the country for two years and it was time to move on.” He apparently started out in life with some good genes in reliability. His father was a fire captain in nearby Godfrey’s fire department and his mother was a nurse at Alton Memorial Hospital.

Alford graduated from Alton Senior High School in 1965. In 1967 he was drafted into the Army and sent to Vietnam just as the Tet Offensive was going full force. Later in May of 1968 he was shot up by the enemy and was sent to a hospital in Japan for recovery. He finished his hitch in the Army, came home and went to work as a manager of eight Ben Franklin stores in the area while taking night classes at SIUE to complete his degree. He graduated with a bachelor of science in business and marketing in 1982. After getting his college degree he worked at a company in Highland that made napkins and tablecloths. When that company went south after the 9/11 attacks he finished his working career managing a commercial laundry service.

Dick Alford is a perfect representative of the Great Vietnam Veteran Generation. He is an excellent example to us all in the way he has served his country, his family and his community.

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