895 – The Time has arrived for Vietnam Veteran reunions

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Vietnam Vet and former US Marine Dan Waggoner painting vet’s portraits.

It is an opportune time for Vietnam Veteran reunions. They are breaking out all over the land. This podcaster is ringing the bells to bring attention to all Vietnam Veterans for the need to attend reunions of their old compadres from their Vietnam days. There are two compelling reasons to do such a thing. First, after many years Americas are finally shaking off the misguided and incorrect assumptions about Vietnam Veterans. Finally Vietnam Veterans are being seen as the heroes they truly are. Secondly, consider this: 2.7 million Americans donned a uniform and answered the call of duty from their country and served in the Vietnam War. It is estimated that 850,000 of those veterans are still with us today. That means 1,850,000 have passed on to meet their maker. Soon there won’t be enough Vietnam Veterans left to hold reunions.

In mid-May of 2017 there will be a reunion of ex-Marines in Quincy, Illinois. The event and its organizer was described in a story from The Herald-Whig of Quincy, Illinois titled: The reunions have become important for this band of brothers submitted by Steve Eighinger. Dan Waggoner and his wife of almost 45 years, Brenda, will serve as unofficial hosts for the event. Dan said about his hard attitude toward his time with the Marines in Vietnam began to soften. He heard about some members of his former platoon who were beginning to reach out to each other. That outreach has resulted in a group of about 15 members of the unit meeting every two or three years.

Waggoner, who will be 67 in May, said, “We never thought we’d see each other again after returning from Vietnam.” Their reunions have grown to mean a lot to this “band of brothers.” One member who is on dialysis is coming all the way from Arizona to the reunion in Quincy, Illinois

All Vietnam Veterans are encouraged to seek out members of their old units in country and experience the feeling of reuniting with your fellow adventurers from fifty years in the past.

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