899 – USMC Vietnam Vet Calvin Lamotte honors vets with his Harley


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    Cal Lamotte stands beside his Harley, which he has had customized to honor veterans.
In this episode a USMC Vietnam Veteran, Cal Lamotte of Clare, Michigan, who has a special way of honoring all veterans will be highlighted. Also mentioned in this episode will be Dave and CJ Dunklee who are helping veterans overcome PTSD with guitars out in Missouri. Cal Lamotte was featured in a story from The Clare County Review titled: Painter Cal’s Harley dedicated to veterans submitted by Pat Maurer.

The story tells that Cal started a Detroit painting business in 1967 after he finished his hitch with the Marines in Vietnam. Cal said: “My father was a painter and it’s what I wanted to do.” Twenty years ago he moved his business to Clare. Especially after his service with the Marines, Cal always had a desire to honor veterans.

He loved riding his Harley Sportster and would frequently participate in memorial rides in honor of veterans. Two years ago he decided to combine he riding and desire to honor veterans by styling his Harley to honor veterans. It took two years and the help of Cycle Works in Clare and the expertise of tattoo artist Joe Pawlowski of Devildog Ink to produce a work of art that attracts a lot of attention. Cal says: “Everywhere I go people stop to look and take pictures.” These days Cal honors veterans every time he rides his Harley.

Need a painter in central Michigan? Call Cal at (989) 258-9638

Cycle Works is located at 411 W 5th St in Clare. Call them at (989) 424-6425

Dave and CJ Dunklee are healing PTSD sufferers with guitars in Missouri. Help them help others by contributing to their Healing Box Project. New guitars cost $270 each. So far they have provided 90 guitars to veterans who are suffering and the results have all been positive.

Any donation would be welcomed but it would be very nice if they received enough to buy a new guitar.

CLICK HERE for the Healing Box Project website and discover more about this wonderful program that helps cure PTSD.

The Healing Box Project, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

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