903 – Vietnam Vet John Hosier talks about his “Through the Eyes” traveling Vietnam museum

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Mack Payne (left) and John Hosier (right) in his modified Army jeep.

John Hosier is a special Vietnam Veteran American hero. In this episode of the podcast, Vietnam Veteran News, you will hear in John’s own words why he rates that title. His “Through the Eyes” traveling museum recently made a stop at the Florida Vietnam and all Veterans Annual Reunion located in Melbourne, Florida. I, your podcast host, had the opportunity to not only visit this tremendous collection of pictures and equipment from the Vietnam War, but I had the pleasure of having a conversation with John which is included in this podcast.

John first earned hero status with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam during the fierce battles at Dak To in October of 1967. He was wounded in combat and that led to something that led him on a unique path of service to his country and fellow Vietnam Veterans.

After he was patched up from his wounds he was sent back to his unit with a profile that precluded his return to his squad as a 11B rifleman. After a short stint in his company orderly room he was assigned to be a combat photographer. He took thousands of images that painted a clear picture of life in combat in Vietnam. After the war he came home with his large collection of pictures.

Along with a large cache of combat photos, John brought home a case of raging PTSD. It was tough on him and his family because at that time nobody seems to know the condition even existed. John tried many things to combat the condition. One day he decided to create a display that included his pictures and items he had collected from the war. The purpose of the display is to show others the real picture of the war and help other Vietnam Veterans cope with their demons and in the process help him cope with the memories.

Through the Eyes traveling Vietnam museum, vietnam veteran news, john hosier, mack payne

Through the Eyes traveling Vietnam museum

John named his exhibit “Through the Eyes” traveling museum. He travels around the country 25 to 30 times a year setting up his museum. Currently it consist of five tents filled to the brim with exhibits. Here is the special hero part. It cost $1500 per event to move and set up his museum and he does this out his own pocket and donations from museum visitors. In the last two years he has suffered a heart attack and diabetes and he has last the sight of one eye, yet he continues to travel the country setting up his museum to serve his fellow Vietnam Veterans and the country.

You are highly encouraged to see his museum whenever it comes to a location near you.

 Please help John carry on his mission with a generous donation. You can send him a check to:

or send a donation by credit card or Paypal.

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