908 – Marine pilot finally laid to rest at Arlington

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Marine Corps 1st Lt. William C. Ryan Jr. Died May 11, 1969 in Laos.

In this episode the remarkable story about the burial of a brave Marine’s remains at Arlington National Cemetery will be featured. The story is about the locating of the remains of Marine Corps pilot 1st Lt. William C. Ryan Jr. It comes from NBC in New York titled: Marine Who Was MIA for 48 Years Buried at Arlington and was submitted by Kristin Wright.

Ryan was declared KIA on May 11, 1969 after his F-4B was hit by enemy fire during a combat mission over Laos. Ryan was the radar intercept officer in the aircraft. The Department of Defense’s POW/MIA Accounting Agency reported that the pilot lost control of the aircraft and called several times for Ryan but he received no response.

The pilot was able to get out of the aircraft and safely parachute to the ground and he was rescued shortly thereafter. There was no sign of Ryan getting out of the F-4 before it crashed. Due to several considerations at the time, the location of the crash site precluded a search-and-recovery effort for the missing aviator.

Mike Ryan, the son of the deceased William C. Ryan Jr said Wednesday at Arlington National Cemetery that he was just a day from his first birthday when his father was killed. 1st Lt. William C. Ryan Jr. was buried with full honors, just a day before the 48th anniversary of when his plane went down. On top of all that Mike Ryan’s mother and widow of William C. Ryan Jr recently passed away and was buried one day prior to her late husband.

The occasion of this story is also highlighted to commemorate done by Maureen Dunn and others to help keep the memory of POWs and MIAs alive and well. She  was a co-founder of the National League of Families.

William C. Ryan Jr RIP.

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