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Nearly 100 Vietnam War veterans visited the Vietnam War Memorial on May 10, thanks to the Tuscaloosa Rotary Honor Flight. The 8th annual Honor Flight enabled these Vietnam veterans to see the black granite memorial – many for the first time. The sight brought tears to the eyes of many veterans, along with healing and closure to a difficult period in their lives. (Simo Ahmadi/Alabama NewsCenter)

America is a wonderfully blessed country populated by a great people who are privileged to live in a land of freedom and liberty. In this episode of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast a story about honor flights that backs up that contention will be featured. It comes from The Alabama NewsCenter and is titled: Tuscaloosa Rotary Honor Flight flies Vietnam veterans to Washington. The story was submitted by Donna Cope.

The Honor Flight program tours started back in May of 2005. Six small planes flew out of Springfield, Ohio taking twelve World War II veterans on a visit to the memorial in Washington, DC. Since then the program has grown to Honor Flight Programs in 45 states. To date 180,261 World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War veterans along with 125,729 escorts have made honor flight tours to Washington, DC.

The Tuscaloosa Rotary Honor Flight sponsored its 8th annual event that sent 100 Vietnam Veterans on a tour to Washington, DC. In addition to visiting the Vietnam Memorial Wall the vets stopped off at the World War II and Korean War memorials, the Lincoln Memorial, the Iwo Jima Memorial, the Arlington National Cemetery Changing of the Guard and the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial. Being at the Vietnam War Memorial stirred memories – good and bad – and brought tears to the eyes of many of the veterans making the tour.

Jordan Plaster, chairman of Tuscaloosa Rotary Honor Flight, said the 8th Honor Flight was “something special.” The Tuscaloosa Rotary Club raises funds in sponsorship of Honor Flight, which it has made possible since 2010. He pointed out how groups like Alabama Power’s Western Division Office have pitched in to help make the Honor Flights a reality. That organization has donated more than $18,000 since 2013 to help make the event possible.

Becky York is the  Honor Flight director at the Tuscaloosa Rotary Club. She said this about the program: “the Tuscaloosa Rotary Club wants to recognize and honor Vietnam Veterans for their many sacrifices during an unpopular war in extremely difficult conditions.”

All are encouraged to take part in this wonderful program.

CLICK HERE for more information about Honor Flights.


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