912 – 3 effective ways a Vietnam Vet handles PTSD

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Jeff Snyder poses for a photo at the Pike County All Wars Museum with a diorama he made of the Vietnam War on Thursday, May. 4, 2017. | H-W Photo/Jake Shane

It is reported that over a quarter of a million Vietnam Vets suffer from PTSD. In this episode of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast the story of Jeff Snyder will be featured. He is a Vietnam Veteran who suffered in silence with PTSD for thirty five years. Snyder discovered three effective methods for dealing with this psychologically crippling condition. His experiences were highlighted in a story found in The Herald-Whig of Quincy, Illinois titled: Vietnam vet carries PTSD in silence for 35 years that was submitted by Matt Dutton of the Herald-Whig.

Snyder was 20 years old when he went to Vietnam in March 1971. When he came home a year later he was much more mature than others his age and was a changed person. He discovered he had nothing in common with his friends from before. He said: “I just tried to blend back in, but it was very hard to do. You go through the motions, but still, it’s like you don’t fit in anymore. You’re different. Everything has changed. You don’t feel comfortable in certain situations anymore.”

He found that he had “anger issues” he could not understand or deal with. He had nightmares and flash backs that he could not explain to others so he suffered in silence for 35 years. But thank the good Lord above things began to get better for Jeff after he started three practices.

  • First he began to write about his experiences in Vietnam. He did this partially for therapy and partially to leave a record for the next generation. This helped him deal with his nightmares.
  • He attended a large-scale reunion held annually by the Howard County Vietnam Veterans Organization. Associating with other Vietnam Veterans helped him feel like he wasn’t alone for the first time since he went to Vietnam.
  • He reached out for help by attending a PTSD support group twice a month.

If you are suffering from the terrible effects of PTSD consider the treatment methods that are working well for Jeff Snyder.

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