913 – Vietnam Vet Edward Abair found adventure on a bike

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Edward Abair – A former Army medic in Vietnam and substitute high school teacher, bicycled across the United States on Route 66 in 1972.

Edward Abair is a Vietnam Veteran who looked for adventure. He found it on a bicycle ride across America. His story was covered in a Webwire article titled: Ex-Vietnam Medic’s Bike Trip across America: It’s About Meeting People. Edward was an Army medic in Vietnam. That job brought him lots of excitement. He came home to a life with no adventure.

Upon his return he bounced around jobs of being a hospital orderly and a substitute teacher. As he worked those jobs he began to think it would be too late to experience adventure by the age of 28. In 1972 he decided to go and seek adventure. With $250 in his pocket, a bicycle, and a pack weighing thirty-seven pounds, he set off on an adventure of a lifetime.

He pedaled his bicycle 5,800 miles solo from Long Beach, California, to Miami, Florida, to Boston, Massachusetts. Edward found lots of excitement and adventure on the trip as he endured 110-degree heat in Southwest deserts, crossed the intimidating Rocky Mountains, fought off Mississippi mosquitoes, sweated in the humid swamplands of the South. He spent nights in an assortment of places that included: abandoned buildings, fire stations, jails and under porch roofs.

At age 68 Edward decided to go on another bicycle adventure. This time it would be a reverse course of the Lewis and Clark Expedition from Astoria, Oregon, to St. Louis, Missouri. On this trip he was shadowed by his wife in a car loaded with modern supporting equipment.

Edward wrote a book about his bicycling adventures titled: Discovering the US on a Bicycle: And 40 Years Later. You are highly encouraged to get a copy of this interesting and well written account of his amazing adventures. In it he shares observations of finding the people and adventures from small town America to the St. Louis Gateway Arch.


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