914 – Vietnam Vet moves California lawmaker to pull Communist hiring bill


rob bonta, randy voepel, vietnam veteran news, mack payneIn this episode of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast another reason to be proud of Vietnam Veterans will be presented. In comes out of a situation that occurred in the great state of California and is described in a story from WFMJ, Youngstown, Ohio titled: California lawmaker pulls bill on Cold War-era communist ban  that submitted by Sophia Bollag of the Associated Press.

It seems California Assemblyman Rob Bonta, a Democrat from the San Francisco Bay Area, felt it necessary to submit a bill to the state legislature. His bill, AB22, would have let communists legally work in California government. He believes the threats communism poses to our way of life here in America have sufficiently eased to the point “commie pinkos” can be employed by the State of California.

Thanks to Vietnam Veterans like Republican Assemblyman Randy Voepel who were willing to stand up to such a misguided action, Bonta has decided to withdraw his proposed bill. His official reason for the action was that it caused veterans and Americans of Vietnamese descent “distress and hurt.” Bonta’s proposal was so outrageous even one of his fellow Democrats Assemblyman Ash Kalra, lauded his colleague for pulling the bill.

Even Democrats in California recognize the fact Communism is still a serious factor to be reckoned with it today’s world. It must not be forgotten Communism is a bankrupt concept that only leads to equality in poverty and death. We must remember the Communists in the USSR killed 15 million of their own people and 12 million Ukrainians through state enforced starvation. It is reported the Chinese Communists killed 50 million of their citizens. And don’t forget the Cambodian Communist, Pol Pot, who summarily murdered 2 million of its 7 million citizens.

Anyone who appreciates the liberty and prosperity we enjoy in America should always be alert to the menace of Communism. We should all thank God for the bravery of Vietnam Veterans both back in the day and on today’s front lines of defending liberty.

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