915 – Another look at the Battle of Dak To

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Retired Army Lt. Col. Robert Quinn of Southport, NC

In this episode of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast, Retired Army Lt. Col. Robert Quinn of Southport, NC will be featured. He recently published a new book titled “The Battle of Dak-To.” It recounts a Vietnam War battle on its 50th anniversary. The new book and its author were discussed in an article in The Star News of Wilmington, NC titled: ‘Battle of Dak-To’ recalls Vietnam conflict that was submitted by Ben Steelman of the StarNews Staff (910-343-2208 or Ben.Steelman@StarNewsOnline.com).

Robert Quinn had a firsthand view of the fierce battle at Dak To, Vietnam fought during November of 1967. He was a newly promoted major serving as an operations officer in one of the infantry battalions engaged in the battle. In addition to describing the battle, Quinn lays out in his book a very incisive brief history of the Vietnam conflict.

Quinn is and was conservative in political leanings but he could not help holding a grudging admiration for Ho Chi Minh, the leader of North Vietnam. Ho’s main intent was to reunify his country under a single independent government. Unfortunately for all involved he was a declared communist and at that time in history the US could not allow a communist take over the country.

As a result of the situation at the time the US backed the leader of South Vietnam. Initially that was Ngo Dinh Diem, a Catholic who clashed with the Buddhist majority and who packed his administration with relatives and cronies. Fed up with Diem’s ineffective and corrupt leadership, President Kennedy okayed a CIA engineered military coup that resulted in Diem’s execution. That resulted in a succession of military leaders of schemed more against each other than the enemy from the north. We all know what happened next.

For all looking for a highly interesting and informative account of a major battle in the war and an excellent brief history of the whole Vietnam conflict get a copy of Robert Quinn’s new book ‘Battle of Dak-To’ recalls Vietnam conflict.




915 – Another look at the Battle of Dak To — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for issuing your podcast 915 on the Battle of Dak-To. Your first hand experience in the 4th Division verified my comments in the book that troops came in on planes with no seats with straps hold them in place sitting on the floor.(they were the 11b’s that were needed as immediate replacements I have been challenged a number of times by folks that would exclaim, “the air force would never move troops like that” hahah
    Thanks again
    Bob Quinn, LTC (ret)
    Southport NC & Darien Georgia

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